New City Paradise

New City Paradise

The builders of the new city created New City Paradise, a luxurious residential project with 4256 Kanal of PHATA-approved land. It is close to the CPEC route, the Burhan interchange, and the M1 highway at 330 feet GT road. The pleasure of having exclusive sales and marketing rights in a paradise-like new metropolis belongs to Tajraan. Not only that, but it also offers our valued clients excellent investment prospects at competitive prices, making their aspirations of residing in a tranquil yet opulent housing society a reality.

The most important fact that all investors should be aware of , this society offers the most affordable prices for its plots when compared to other societies’ offerings. In contrast to nearby societies, which provide 5 Marla plots for 60 Lacs, the new city paradise offers 5 Marla plots for just 18 Lacs. If you reserve the land as soon as you can, we guarantee high-margin profits in just 2 to 3 months. It is advised that investors who live in the new city wah visit our office, which is situated on the ground floor of the new city arcade.

Even before the launch, the booking process is still open. The launch ceremony will take place during the last quarter of 2022, which runs from October 1 to December 31. The ceremony is open to all clients, both domestic and foreign. The new city paradise 2022-2023’s payment schedule will shortly be made public. What purpose does procrastination serve? CONTACT US TODAY to reserve your plot or a number of plots by contacting a Tajran Properties sales agent.

New City Paradise Developers And Owners:

The New City Wah constructs the New City Paradise. The project’s chairman and chief executive, Chaudhary Qamar and Saad Zaman, are the owners of a new metropolitan paradise. All sales and legal marketing authority over the property has been given to Tajran  Properties. Behind this project is a highly capable and dedicated team with years of experience in the industry. The project’s designs and planning, which include first-rate amenities at reasonable rates, are efficient.

New City Paradise

The Demand For New City Paradise:

The updated opulent living standards with all essentials are driving up demand for new city paradises. Professional developers carefully constructed it to meet the occupants’ basic and opulent demands. Every stage of the construction process is conducted with a high degree of check and balance.

NOC Status:

The NOC (no objection certificate) of the new city paradise is approved by PHATA. It is registered under DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022. New city paradise NOC approved and Registration number.

Already Approved NOC:

The updated opulent living standards with all essentials are driving up demand. Professional developers carefully constructed it to meet the occupants’ basic and opulent demands. Every stage of the construction process is conducted with a high degree of check and balance.

New City Paradise


The CPEC route, the Burhan junction, and the M1 motorway are all close by, and New City Paradise is situated in a prime site at 330 feet GT road. The main boulevard, which is 250 feet wide,  helps to enhance accessibility for visitors.

New City Paradise

New City Paradise Maps:

The value of society increases with location. This society is situated in a fantastic area, and the new city paradise google map that is displayed is very simple to comprehend and demonstrates how to access the new city paradise by following directions.
Maps pictures will upload after this paragraph

New City Paradise Accessibilities:

The home development is reasonably accessible.
New city paradise is accessible in the following ways:

Approximately 10 min drive away from Hazara Motorway

  • Approximately 0 min drive away from Burhan Interchange
  • Approximately 26 min drive away from Jhang Bahtar Road
  • Approximately 36 min drive away from Thalian Interchange
  • Approximately 20 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
  • Approximately 15 min drive away from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange
  • Approximately 18 min drive away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange
  • Approximately 2 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
  • Approximately 22 min drive away from Quaid Avenue
  • Approximately 25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway

Nearby landmark and places

The following landmarks and locations can be found across the New City Paradise:

  • Karma city
  • Wah city
  • Taxila city
  • Wah Cantt
  • POF golf club
  • Hassan abdal
  • Wah gardens
  • M1 motorway
  • M2 motorway
  • New city arcade
  • Wah model town

New City Paradise Master Plan:

A highly skilled group of architects, engineers, and town planners with many years of experience created the master plan for the brand-new city paradise. Of the 20,000 Kanal that make up New City Paradise, 4256 Kanal have received PHATA approval. This well-rounded building offers first-rate amenities and all the comforts to its devoted patrons.

Residential Plots (New Prices)

New City Paradise

Residential Plots (Old Prices)

New City Paradise

Commercial Plots (New Prices)

New City Paradise

Commercial Plots (Old Prices)

New City Paradise

Expected booking procedures to book a plot at new city paradise

  • Fill your booking form with full concentration
    Attach CNIC copies
  • Pay via cheque or money order to new city paradise but it’s better to verify your management procedure in case of further modifications
  • You can also pay through cash once everything is confirmed by management
  • Submit all verified documents, payments, and receipts.

Benefits of real estate investments:

Real estate investing is one of the most profitable businesses there are. This is as a result of its fantastic investment return potential. However it’s crucial to keep in mind that if done right, it will only be successful. Investing in the real estate industry may have a number of benefits.
Some of them are following:

Financial security:
The real estate sector is the one that can keep investments valued highly and keep them from deteriorating. The real estate industry is the best location to invest if a person has some assets and is interested in doing so.

Stable income:
No matter if he buys a developed house or a plot, a person can get a solid income by investing in the real estate sector. He can also work on a plot to develop it into a home, which will be profitable to an investor if he rents it on a monthly or yearly basis and the rent rises with time. And the investor can profit while doing nothing except sitting at home.

Real estate investments are simple to manage. You only need to visit sometimes to make sure it is being cared for properly; you don’t need to worry about its maintenance on a regular basis.

Passive income:
Rent could function as a source of passive income if invested in a real estate company. The same way that an investor can buy undeveloped land, work on its development, and then rent it out to make revenue all year long, they can also buy a home that has already been built on it.

Non-depreciable asset:
The value of real estate investments never diminishes. In actuality, the value grows over time and even when a huge or important launch occurs nearby, the value automatically increases.

Impact of inflation:
The real estate industry is the only one unaffected by inflation. It’s unnecessary to worry about inflation while investing in the real estate market because properties rarely experience its effects. Real estate investments frequently see value growth rather than decline

Why new city paradise is offering low rates?

New City Paradise is providing low rates in comparison to other societies in order to encourage its devoted patrons to make high-margin investments in the community. By acquiring a single plot or taking advantage of a platter deal, which entails buying several plots at once, they might make significant gains.


The objectives of this society are to provide its citizens with luxury  residential and commercial development, as well as a world-class luxurious lifestyle. This housing society’s pulses include its opulent amenities, reasonable cost, and advantageous location. The new city paradise differentiates itself from other housing developments in the real estate industry thanks to these features.

Tajraan Properties strongly advises investing in new city paradise if you want to generate high-margin profits because it provides you with a variety of excellent investment alternatives.