Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad is a premier start-up developed by Nova City developers who are already known for their quality work in the real estate sector. This condominium company is ideally located just off his M-14 highway near Islamabad International Airport. 

The company’s aim is to provide the highest standard of living, luxury, tranquility, and excellent facilities at very affordable prices. Society should be your priority if you want to invest your savings in a reputable housing company that not only offers the highest standard of living and a safe environment but also has high-profit margins.


NOVA City Islamabad is developed by NOVA Group developers based on international infrastructure. Companies in this group are already well known in the market for quality work and first-class projects. MR Chaudhary Junaid Afzal is the chair of this group. A highly qualified team works around the clock to deliver the highest quality standards in a timely manner. 

The main goal of the owners and developers of this housing company is to provide investors of various financial backgrounds with the best possible housing projects and great investment opportunities at very affordable prices. NOVA Group offers a variety of projects such as:  

  • NOVA one Lahore
Nova City

NOC Approval:

Nova City Islamabad Certificate of No Objection (NOC) is legally recognized by PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Agency) and TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration) Fateh Jhang. Registered under registration number PHATA/W-I/PHS/2021/690. The company has 903 NOC certified channels. Now is the time to start development work in society so that investors can invest with peace of mind.

Nova City Islamabad


NOVA City Islamabad is located just off the M14 highway, close to Islamabad International Airport, and easily accessible from the two cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Close to Rawalpindi ring road and his CPEC route. The main entrance of this housing association is on Rawalpindi Ring Road and the other side of the association is on the CPEC route. As such, Society has become a major residential project as it is accessible from key points in the city.

Nova City Islamabad


As mentioned earlier, Nova City Islamabad is a fairly accessible project. Below are some accessible and easily accessible points for society that add value to this housing project.  


  • Right next to the Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Right next to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  • Nearly 4 min drive away from Kanal
  • Nearly 7 min drive away from Bango
  • Nearly 11 min drive away from DhokKorak
  • Nearly 9 min drive away from N-80, Qutbal
  • Nearly 26 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
  • Nearly 27 min drive away from Islamabad
  • Nearly 32 min drive away from Rawalpindi


Below are nearby attractions and places that play a key role in making Nova City Islamabad an ideal location. 

  • N-80
  • Top City-1
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • FatehJhang
  • CPEC route
  • M2 Motorway
  • Mumtaz City
  • Capital Smart City


Voting is essential to the growth and customer satisfaction of any housing association. Elections in Nova City Islamabad took place in two stages for him. 

The first election was held by the New City Paradise management team on March 23, 2022. 

Nova City Islamabad’s second round of elections will soon be held by the company’s management.


The Nova City Islamabad master plan was designed and planned to international standards to offer the highest standard of living, prime location, luxury and affordability to its valued clients. These features of this condo make it worth living in Islamabad.

The developers and owners of the rising star city of Islamabad have earned the trust of investors due to their excellent track record in the real estate sector. Developers have been working tirelessly day and night to build a masterpiece on the Islamabad site, transforming an already flat land into a modern residential community with modern features and advanced technology. The 400-foot central boulevard welcomes citizens and fellows in all its splendor.

If you still have questions regarding the project, please visit official website or speak to a Tajraan real estate representative. 

Payment plan:

Nova City Islamabad’s thoughtful payment plans are especially geared towards individual investors, with easy installment plans to allow them to invest in this spectacular residential project.

Nova City Islamabad Villas:

Nova City

Nova City Islamabad Pueblo Block:

Nova City

Nova City Islamabad E-Sports Block:

Nova City

Nova City Islamabad Green Orchards:

Nova City

Recent developments include: 

65-70% of the cutting process is complete. A machine that operates continuously on site.

The inauguration of the sports complex is scheduled for the next few days. It has a first-class complex with indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Indoor courts, large tennis courts, soccer fields and basketball courts. Parking lot and some roads completed

Mosque development will take place

Both indoor and outdoor gyms are being built

Two of several parks planned in the Nova City Master Plan have been completed

Received an order to import the company’s water purification equipment.

Sale of commercial land in Nova City is also underway

His NOC application in Nova City Islamabad is also under review by relevant authorities.


A company’s facilities and amenities play a key role in distinguishing the company from other housing companies and in reaching out to investors. Nova City Islamabad aims to offer the ideal luxury lifestyle at a very reasonable price.
Nova City Islamabad offers the following facilities and amenities: 

  • Eco-friendly environment:

Nova City Islamabad offers residents a close to nature environment, allowing them to feel fresh in their surroundings along with an eco-friendly environment. This residential project offers all modern conveniences for residents to live peacefully and enjoy luxury  on the premises of the association. 

  • Water resources:

The project’s developers and managers provide residents’ basic needs, such as gas, electricity, and water, around the clock. As for water resources, reservoirs are built in society to facilitate water supply so that residents can do their daily household chores.  

  • Business and commercial Hub:

Developers and managers have responded not only to the basic needs of the residents, but also to their commercial and economic needs. Nova City Islamabad will provide an all-in-one commercial zone for residents to meet their commercial needs within the project.  

  • Secure project:

Your project needs security. People get complete security from a security system with CCTV cameras and other surveillance devices deployed 24 hours a day. The project will also be surrounded by a perimeter wall to ensure a high level of security. In this way, residents feel safe and secure in society and can live a peaceful and fear-free life. 

  • Mosque:

A mosque based on an ancient architect is being built in Islamabad’s new city. so that residents can fulfill their religious duties within society without large-scale movements.

  • Shopping district:

Nova City Islamabad has a shopping zone within the company. So that residents can conveniently purchase what they need.

Why invest in nova city Islamabad:

Here are the questions every investor asks: Why should you invest in Nova City Islamabad? What is special about this housing project and how is it different from other housing projects? And those are the very logical answers to that.  

Nova City Islamabad, among other things, is a forward-thinking developer already well-known and trusted by investors in the real estate industry. 

Second, the housing company is on the CPEC route, which will raise the bar for Pakistan’s economy. Not only that, but this residential project offers top-notch amenities, a luxurious setting at a very affordable price, and a great investment opportunity with high return on investment for our valued clients.


Nova City Islamabad is a premier residential and commercial building company that aims to provide first-class facilities, comfortable and safe surroundings at very affordable prices. Its ideal location is the main feature of this housing project that attracts investors from all over the world and distinguishes it from other housing projects.