Park View City

Park View City

Park View City Islamabad combines affordability and luxury. It is a well-known residential community built by the Vision Group in the center of Islamabad. The Capital Development Authority will soon approve the NOC for the housing project (CDA). Moreover, Park View City boasts Bani Gala’s most opulent location, which is close to Bahria Enclave.

PVC Islamabad tries to respond to the expanding residential needs of the populace with its residential and commercial plots, ranging from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal, as a result of fast urbanization and a booming population. There are opulent homes and apartments in the housing society. PVC Islamabad is a brand-new destination for calm living and a place where you may affordably take use of all the comforts of life

Developers and Owners:

We all think about the developers of any property before purchasing it. The reputable Vision Group is the company behind Park View City’s construction. Moreover, Mr. Aleem Khan, a senior member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, is the owner of Park View City. Among the leading real estate developers in Pakistan are the creators of Blue World City and Capital Smart City.

About Vision Group:

Due to its innovation and town design, Vision Group has a strong reputation among real estate developers. A group of dedicated, ambitious individuals that want to revolutionize the real estate industry support the business. Via their designers and architects, the developers are working to create infrastructure that is environmentally sustainable.

Some of the successful projects by the group are listed below:

  • The National School
  • Park View City Lahore
  • Park View Villas, Lahore
  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • Park View Corporate Center, Lahore
  • Park View Signature Apartments, Lahore

One of the developers’ successful home complexes that meets living requirements is PVC Islamabad. The safety of the residents was given first priority by the town planners, who as a result built a well-gated neighborhood.

Park View City

NOC Approval:

The Capital Development Authority will shortly approve Park View City Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) (CDA). According to CDA specifications, the developers have completed all construction and development projects. Hence, we anticipate that CDA will quickly give this residential project a NOC.

Every housing project prioritizes getting the NOC because it fosters dependency on the housing society and its developers. Investors are drawn to property developments with approved NOCs, like Al-Noor Orchard, because of their legal standing.

After the NOC of PVC Islamabad is approved, the company’s reputation will soar, spurring an increase in investments. As a result, reserve your property in this opulent housing society as soon as the approval comes in because they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Park View City


Those who want easy access to all of life’s amenities value and seek out Park View City Islamabad’s location. The home development is located in the upscale neighborhood of Bani Gala, next to Bahria Enclave. Also, a lot of housing societies and important parts of the city are close by.

When it comes to any real estate endeavor, the site is quite important. A project’s ability to draw investors and ensure its success depends on its excellent location, such as Nova City Islamabad.

Park View City


The housing scheme under discussion is easily accessible from various routes and areas of the city. Below are the accessibility points of PVC Islamabad:

  • Almost 5 minutes drive from Simly Dam
  • Almost 15 minutes drive from Jagiot Road
  • Almost 21 minutes drive from Bhara Kahu
  • Almost 25 minutes drive from Quaid e Azam University
  • Almost 25 minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport
  • Almost 20 minutes drive from National Agriculture Research Center

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are the landmarks and places within the vicinity of PVC Islamabad:

  • Bani Gala
  • Bara Kahu
  • Bahria Enclave I, II
  • Chak Shehzad
  • Lake View Park
  • Rawal Dam
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Botanical Garden

Master Plan:

A talented team of developers created the society  master plan. Every modern building and institution is part of the infrastructure that has been expertly designed. As can be seen here, the master plan provides a reasonable prediction of urban planning and social trends.

The size of the society is up to 1200 Kanals. Together with a sizable number of residential plots, business plots, and residences, there are spacious highways, tree-lined streets, parks, cemeteries, commercial centers, and mosques.

The community contains a major boulevard that is 200 feet wide as well as connected roads and streets. There are plantations and green belts all across the society to improve its visual appeal and to purify the air.

Park View City Commercial Downtown

Park View City

The Walk Park view City

Park View City

Park View City Hill Estate

Park View City

Park View City Islamabad Blocks:

PVC Islamabad is divided into a number of sectors and blocks for convenience in management and administration. The following blocks currently make up society housing scheme:

  • Park View City Block A
  • Park View City Block B
  • Park View City Block C
  • Park View City Block D
  • Park View City Block E
  • Park View City Block F
  • Park View City Block H
  • Park View City Block J
  • Park View City Block K

Park View City Terrace C Block

Park View City

Park View City F Block

park view city

Park View City H Block

Park View City

Park View City J Block​

Park View City

Park View City K Block​

Park View City

Salient Features of Park View City Islamabad:

PVC Islamabad is the greatest option if you want to live somewhere that provides you with a modern lifestyle and all of the modern conveniences close at hand. Being a part of this residential project gives you the opportunity to benefit from the top advantages listed below:

  • Golf course
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal location
  • Affordable rates
  • Main boulevard
  • Gated community
  • Shopping malls
  • Latest security system
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Secure boundary wall
  • A vast network of streets
  • 24/7 water, electricity, gas
  • Sewage and drainage system

Facilities and Amenities:

The proposed housing project is filled with modern conveniences. The organization provides you with all the comforts at affordable prices in addition to its great city location. Kingdom Valley Islamabad likewise has contemporary amenities.

All the necessities of life, including education, health, nutrition, and fitness, are available to you within the walls of this residential development.

These are the boons the housing society offers to its residents:

Basic Utilities:
Basic utilities are not a concern if you live in society . The developers’ first objective is to provide the most fundamental amenities, including security, water, gas, and power. The residential development provides its neighborhood with a constant supply of electricity, Sui gas, and water.

Although there are electrical backups and power generators to assure electric supply in the event of a power outage, inhabitants do not have to deal with load-shedding. Also, Sui gas is not in low supply for society’s residents. With filtering facilities and drilling water systems, the housing society also provides clean water.

Educational Facilities:
One of the major concerns for the developers is to ensure that the locals have access to high-quality education. To give the citizens the best educational facilities, the master plan contains a variety of schools, colleges, and other academic institutions.

Why Invest in Park View City Islamabad?

Investors must take into account a number of factors before making an investment in a housing scheme, including price, location, an approved NOC, a payment schedule, amenities, and accessibility. Let’s examine the benefits of making an investment in this opulent housing development.

Approved NOC:
The CDA will soon approve the PVC Islamabad NOC. There are no claims of illegal development or encroachment on the project’s property.

Affordable Rates of Properties:
At the most competitive prices, the housing programme offers both residential and commercial buildings. Any investor can afford the prices. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi and other housing societies also provide properties at reasonable prices.

Flexible Installment Plans:
The housing scheme’s plots are available with simple payment schedules. Those who are unable to afford the lump sum payment might choose the convenient installment plan.

Ideal Location and Accessibility:
The housing development is perfectly situated in Bani Gala’s lush green neighborhood, next to Bahria Enclave. It is within a short distance from Islamabad’s major metropolis. The housing development has easy access to several locations throughout the city.


The capable Vision Group created the superb real estate venture Park View City . The Capital Development Authority will soon approve its NOC (CDA). The apartment development is located in the sought-after neighborhood of Bani Gala, close to Bahria Enclave.

Both residential and commercial sites are available in the housing society. This housing project offers cutting-edge residential amenities at affordable prices to its tenants. Another good investment option is Blue World City Overseas Block & Bahria Town Karachi 2, which you may learn about as well.