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University Town Islamabad

University Town is an exquisite residential project that boasts of captivating natural surroundings and a stunning view of Islamabad city, which amplifies the grandeur of the society. The breathtaking scenery of this housing society can be compared to that of Park View City, a housing project approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) located in Zone IV of Islamabad, and Bahria Enclave, another prestigious housing society with mesmerizing views, but the prices of these societies can be quite steep for most people. However, University Town makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle amidst a natural environment and lush green areas.

University Town Islamabad Launch:

The fusion of beautiful surroundings and modern amenities enhances the value of this vibrant society and its surroundings. In addition to the luxurious location, University Town offers endless investment opportunities due to a variety of commercial and residential options and cost-effective rates. It is an ideal place for people who want to reside and raise a family in a hygienic environment with the best facilities.

Owners and Developers:

The housing society was initially introduced in 1992, but it was officially launched in 2005 after obtaining planning permission and NOCs from relevant authorities. University Town is the brainchild of Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan, a professor from Peshawar, Pakistan. Despite having no prior experience in real estate, Mr. Aziz’s efforts in establishing this incredible housing society are commendable.

University Town Islamabad Location:

University Town’s location is not only feasible but also fascinating. It is situated on the Kashmir Highway near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway interchange and is only 5 minutes away from the New Islamabad Airport. The society’s biggest selling point is its location next to the Motorway on the Kashmir Highway Link Road, just before the toll plaza. In addition, the society’s proximity to Islamabad City, just 10 minutes’ drive from Zero Points, makes it even more attractive. University Town shares its boundary with Eighteen Islamabad, one of the most popular and mega housing projects in Pakistan, while Blue World City, Top City, Lahore Smart City, and Qurtaba City are located only 10 minutes’ drive from this exhilarating project.

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University Town Islamabad NOC - No Objection Certificate

The RDA has issued the NOC for University Town against the no. RDA: RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 dated 9-5-2006.

Total Area & Mouza:

University Town is built on rural land previously known as Bajnial in District Rawalpindi and is situated on a total area of about 4500 Kanal.

University Town Islamabad Map:

Located on the left side of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, M-2 when traveling from Islamabad to Lahore before the toll plaza, this prestigious housing society can be seen on the map below.

University Town Islamabad Blocks:

The housing society called University Town has been conveniently divided into 6 blocks that are alphabetically named A, B, C, D, E, and F for the ease of its residents. At present, the development work is ongoing in half of the blocks, while the other half is already developed.

University Town Payment Plan

University Town Islamabad Residential Prices:

Although the prices of plots in the housing society vary based on their category, development status, and possession, we are unable to provide you with an exact price quote. However, we can give you an idea of the ongoing rates by stating the price range demanded by investors for residential plots in the society. Please refer to the following for the prices of residential plots available in the society:

University Town Commercial Prices:

The management of this project has recently introduced a convenient installment plan for investors interested in purchasing commercial plots within the society. The plan allows for a minimum down payment of only 25% and is designed to facilitate investors. For your reference, the complete installment plan has been provided below.

University Town Islamabad Features:

The society is designed in a manner that it is miles ready with all modern services and centers so it can bud into a place fit for people belonging from all norms of society. Some of the key features of the society are listed below:

  • 72′ Wide main boulevard and all roads are more than 35′ wide
  • Gated Community
  • Metro Route
  • Extensive Water Supply
  • Sewerage Disposal Stations
  • Underground Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Single Entry System Security
  • Club And Community Centre
  • Car Parking Area
  • Sector and Jamia Mosques
  • Hospital & Medical Center
  • Parks and Play Grounds
  • Mosques and Schools
  • Commercial Zone
  • Eateries and Restaurants
  • Community Center
  • Sports Auditorium
  • Public transport


The University Town has made considerable progress in its development, with 80% of the work already completed. Blocks A, B, and D have been fully developed and handed over to the customers, while the remaining blocks are currently being constructed quickly. The progress of each block is as follows: E-block is almost 80% developed, with only minor utility work remaining, C-block is 40% developed with ongoing earthwork, and F-block is in its initial development stage.
For a detailed understanding of the development work in each block, the following information is provided:

Development Work in Blocks A, B & D:

A, B, and D blocks are fully constructed and their occupants enjoy a comfortable life with all necessary facilities such as water, electricity, carpeted roads, paved streets, and a park with various swings for the entertainment of children.

Development Work in Blocks E, F & C:

Block E development work is completed, while the construction in blocks F and C is in its final stages. The plots in these blocks are available for sale, built with modern standards, and provide all necessary amenities and facilities for their residents.


According to our sources, the buyers can avail immediate possession of the plots in A, B, and D Blocks of the society. The latest update suggests that the plots in blocks E, F, and C are also available for possession at affordable rates. Like Gulberg Green, the housing society ensures timely possession of the plots.

Why invest in University Town?

Strong Investment Potential:

Investing in University Town Islamabad is a wise choice as it has attained all the relevant NOCs and planning permissions from concerned authorities. Its immaculate location and appealing rates have made it a hassle-free and strong investment opportunity. Moreover, the demand for properties in the society has increased significantly, resulting in an unexpected increase in property prices and profitable returns for investors.

Convenient Transport:

The newest Metro Bus route falls right next to the society, making traveling more convenient for its citizens. The route will connect all areas of Islamabad city to the airport and regions of Rawalpindi. Its proximity to the airport is also a significant advantage, as it has brought diverse career and commercial opportunities to the region.

Tranquil and Bewitching Environment:

University Town is surrounded by eco-friendly and naturally blessed surroundings, making it an excellent residential opportunity for people who want to raise their families in a peaceful and tranquil environment. The lush green views all around the society provide for a tranquil and peaceful living environment away from the fast-paced life of the city.

Compliant to Population Shift:

With the recent shift in population towards the outskirts of the main city, University Town has become an ideal choice for people who dream of living a comfortable life away from the overly crowded city. The society presents with secure and suitable accommodations equipped with all basic utilities for convenient and stress-free living.

Popular Neighboring Housing Societies:

University Town shares boundaries with esteemed housing projects such as Eighteen Islamabad, Faisal Town, Top City, Mumtaz City, and Islamabad International Airport. The closest neighbor, Eighteen Islamabad, holds enthralling prospects for being the most elite housing society not just in Islamabad but all over Pakistan. The society also lies at the crossroads of the CPEC Junction, which will connect all the main cities, contributing to an increase in the prices and value of properties in this region.

Attractive Features and Utilities:

University Town is a well-planned housing society that features up-to-date facilities and marvelous opportunities in its midst, making it an epitome of luxury, comfort, and peace for its residents. It is equipped with all necessities of life, including underground electricity, clean water supply, Sui gas, telephone, wifi, secure environment, and all the advantages of a walled community.

Economical Rates:

University Town offers reasonable and economical prices compared to other housing societies in the same vicinity. It presents an eccentric opportunity for its residents to enjoy the exclusive perks of its high-profile surroundings without burning a hole in their pockets.


Despite some development issues and a lack of interest from officials, this housing society still holds immense value for buyers due to its prime location and breathtaking views. Moreover, its close proximity to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities makes it easily accessible. The Metro bus route to the society has further enhanced the convenience for its residents, making it one of the most sought-after housing societies in the area. The investment profit ratio in the society has surprisingly exceeded expectations, thanks to the affordable prices and growing population in the surrounding area.